Online Travel Guide To Bahamas Out Islands

Harbour Island
Ocean Fox Diving
We have sites to suit every level of diver, from beginner to thrill-seeker. Shallow-water wrecks and coral gardens appeal to novice divers and those who enjoy extended bottom-time.

Long Island
Stella Maris Diving
In the mid-seventies, Stella Maris Resort Club started creating a dive site, where these magnificent creatures of the sea and man would meet on neutral grounds.

Long Island
Stella Maris Resort
We offers an incredible variety of diving, from hundreds of coral head and reef sites on the northwest lee side of Long Island to some 15 miles of explored northeast Atlantic locations.

Crooked Island
Thunderbird Enterprise
A marine based company located in Crooked Island Bahamas. Thunderbird Enterprise is the rewards of the hard work of Robert "Robbie" Gibson who dedicated most of his life to his craft.

Rum Cay
Rum Cay Development
We offers something for everyone, from fishing the sparkling, clear blue waters surrounding the Island, to diving or snorkeling the many colorful reefs in the area.

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